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WaveSpa Octagon Thermal Efficient Protective Inflatable Cover (195cm)

WaveSpa Octagon Thermal Efficient Protective Inflatable Cover (195cm)

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✔️Dimension: 195cm
✔️Fits 6-Person Octagon Spas
✔️Quick & Easy To Use With An Inflate & Deflate Valve
✔️Choice Of 3 Shapes & Sizes Options
✔️Offers Superior Insulation To Retain Heat
✔️Ensures Chemical Use Is Kept To A Minimum
✔️Prevents Rainfall From Forming A Sagging Effect
✔️Inlet Valve Dimensions: 25mm Diameter

The WaveSpa Octagon Thermal Efficient Protective Inflatable Cover is the ultimate thermal insulation hack for the colder months!

This durable hot tub cover provides exceptional insulation, effectively retaining heat and reducing water evaporation. By maintaining optimal water temperature and preventing heat loss, it also minimises chemical usage, making your hot tub experience more efficient and eco-friendly.

It features a grooved design that prevents rainwater from pooling and forming a sagging effect on your spa, ensuring durability and maintaining its sleek appearance.


Please note that dimensions can vary slightly depending on the desired fill.

✔️195cm fits a 6-person octagon spa

Shapes & Sizes

This protective inflatable cover is available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various spa models. 

✔️Square Thermal Efficient Protective Inflatable Cover (154cm & 185cm)
✔️Round Thermal Efficient Protective Inflatable Cover (180cm & 208cm)

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