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Pulseroll VYB Vibrating Massage Ball

Pulseroll VYB Vibrating Massage Ball

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Targeted massage made simple

  • Reduces muscle soreness and tension
  • Portable pinpoint deep tissue massage
  • Ideal for back, shoulders, arms, glutes &
  • Plantar fasciitis relief
  • Improves mobility and boosts circulation
  • 4-speed settings, including pulse mode

Key Benefits

All about the Science. Through the use of scientific studies conducted by our certified sports coaches and physiologist, we are able to measure performance level output. 

  • Enables faster warm-up and recovery
  • Increase blood flow by up to 22%
  • Flushes away lactic acid and metabolized byproducts
  • Reduces muscular pain and next day soreness (DOMS)
  • Improves range of motion by up to 14% (ROM)
  • Reduces risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Accelerates recovery from minor injury

Get a great massage anytime and anywhere you like!

4 vibrating speeds including 1 pulse mode
VYB Solo Roller has four one-touch power settings, making the roller ideal for warm ups, cool downs and a variety of workouts.

What is in the box

  • VYB Solo Roller
  • Remote control
  • Carrying bag
  • Type-C cable
  • User Manual

Technical Specification

  • Battery Type: 7.2V Lithium-ion (2600mAh)
  • Battery Life: 6 hours (lower speeds) 2.5 hours (higher speeds)
  • Weight: 0.68 kg
  • Product Diameter: 105mm (H)
  • Colour: Black | Red

How to guides

Here's a quick video to give you a deep dive on the special features and functions of the vibrating peanut roller


All Benefits

Relieve muscle tension and soreness with pinpoint deep tissue massage
Targeted massage made simple with the super-portable Pulseroll VYB Solo. This targeted massage tool is ideal for helping with plantar fasciitis, relieving muscle tension, and improving circulation. Used by physiotherapists and athletes around the world, the VYB provides targeted pain relief through four speed settings and vibration massages that target muscles & trigger points.

Reach the places your other foam roller can't
Solo roller fits comfortably around the targeted muscle, and its vibration technology will do the work for you. Designed to stimulate blood flow and reduce soreness in the muscles of your hip, lower back and thighs, it is an affordable alternative to physiotherapy visits.

Remote control
The Pulseroll finger remote allows you to cycle through the vibrating speeds of your Pulseroll product without the need to adjust position or stretch awkwardly during your recovery or warm up routine.

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