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Therabody Compression Therapy - RecoveryAir Prime

Therabody Compression Therapy - RecoveryAir Prime

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Our easy-to-use pneumatic compression system makes it accessible for anybody to experience a clinically-proven pressure massage. Simply set your time and pressure, then sit back, relax, and recharge your legs. FastFlush Technology enables rapid recovery 2-3x faster than competitors.


Boosts Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage - The RecoveryAir Prime harnesses the power of sequential compression to enhance circulation and lymphatic flow. With its expertly designed pressure system, the Prime encourages blood to circulate more efficiently, which in turn helps to accelerate the removal of lymphatic fluids and reduce the buildup of waste products in the muscles.

Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) - Say goodbye to the familiar ache of delayed onset muscle soreness with the RecoveryAir Prime. Its rhythmic compression mimics the body's natural muscle contractions, promoting the dispersal of lactic acid and other soreness-inducing metabolites. This gentle yet effective massage to the muscles eases the pain and prepares you for your next workout.

Decreases Swelling and Stiffness - The RecoveryAir Prime is designed to counteract the effects of swelling and stiffness that can follow vigorous workouts. By providing a consistent and calibrated pressure, it helps to keep the fluids moving, reducing swelling and improving joint mobility, thus aiding in a faster and more comfortable recovery process.

Relieves Muscle Fatigue - Muscle fatigue stands no chance against the RecoveryAir Prime. The device is engineered to support the muscle recovery process, enhancing the return of blood to the heart and replenishing oxygen and nutrients to fatigued muscles. This not only alleviates the sensation of tiredness but also shortens recovery time.

TruGrade Technology - The RecoveryAir Prime’s intelligent pressure system delivers a customized recovery experience. By adjusting to the specific needs and preferences of your body, the Prime ensures that each session provides the optimal balance of comfort and therapeutic benefit, making your recovery as effective as it is effortless. TruGrade Technology.

Key Features

  • Proprietary TruGrade Technology for safest, precise application of pressure
  • Proprietary FastFlush Technology for full inflation and deflation in 60 secs
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Therabody App
  • 2 preset routines (Warm Up and Recovery) via Therabody App only
  • 4 time intervals (20 min, 40 min, 60 min, and continuous)
  • Adjustable pressure range (20-100 mmHg in increments of 10)
  • Adjustable pressure hold and release time (1 - 60 seconds)
  • Save one routine shared with you via Therabody App only
  • Save unlimited personalized routines via Therabody App only
  • 180-minute battery life
  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic design
  • More features via Bluetooth connectivity to Therabody App coming soon

What's Included?

  • 2 compression boots with integrated pumps
  • 36W charger - jack port
  • Splitter charging cord
  • Boots pouch

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