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Passion Ice Baths

Passion Ice Baths By Wim Hof | Breeze

Passion Ice Baths By Wim Hof | Breeze

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Boost your health with Passion Ice Bath range in collaboration with Wim HoF.

Passion & Wim Hof: A shared vision

This collaboration represents more than just a business venture; it’s a shared vision of empowerment and transformation. As a result, Passion Ice Baths was born - a testament to the incredible power of two entities coming together, driven by a common purpose: to make the invigorating benefits of cold therapy available to everyone, with the service you expect, no matter where they are on this planet.

Dims.: 200 x 90 x 75cm
Number of people: 1


Cold therapy’s benefits are undeniable, but the ideal conditions for its practice aren’t readily available for everyone. Wim understands that not everyone can access the icy lakes and rivers as he does. It’s this challenge that fuels his commitment to innovation, a challenge to make the invigorating power of cold therapy accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location.

  • Feel great: Step out of your comfort zone with an Iceman Tub from Fonteyn Spas. Experience peace and energy after a session in an ice tub. After such a session, you completely let go of all thoughts as you solely focus on your breathing. Exposure to cold temperatures increases the happiness hormones like endorphins in your body and stimulates adrenaline release in the brain.
  • Improvement of the blood flow: Blood vessels contract when the body comes into contact with coldness. Your blood flow improves as you train the elasticity of your blood vessels. In the short term, the blood brings oxygen, vitamins and minerals quicker to the crucial places in the body, while also eliminating any excretory products. In the longer term, your heart rate decreases, as your heart does not have to exert as much effort. Good circulation is essential for the body's immune system!
  • Reduce pain and swelling: That exact process helps with pain and swelling. The contracting blood vessels inhibit inflammatory processes. An ice bath also reduces the speed of pain signals to the brain. This can reduce the feeling of soreness, for instance after a sports session or with injuries.
  • Withstand the cold with ease: After a while, not only can you cope with the temperature of the ice bath, but you will also notice that the temperature outside has less impact. This is because your body produces more brown fat. Unlike white fat, which makes you gain weight, brown fat is very useful. The body draws energy from brown fat to warm the body. Beat the cold with an Iceman tub!


Wim Hof Ice Bath Benefits


  • Choose a motivating spot with enough space. Consider a prominent place in your backyard or at the home gym.
  • Start slow and gradually build up the length of the sessions.
  • Always enter an Iceman Tub with a warmed-up body. Just exercise or take a walk beforehand.


  • Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 75 cm
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Capacity in liters: 200
  • Dry Weight in kg: 145
  • Full Weight in kg: 345
  • Shell Material: PE and Wood
  • Chiller 1,3 kW standard Until +3 °C

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