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Introducing the MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0, a pinnacle of lighting innovation that redefines brilliance in every room. This LED bulb effortlessly combines efficiency with style, delivering a superior lighting experience.

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Effortless Smart Integration: Seamlessly integrate the MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 into your smart home ecosystem. Enjoy intuitive control through popular platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant, making your lighting experience as easy as saying a command.

Adjustable Color Temperature: Personalize your ambiance with adjustable color temperatures. The Bulb 3.0 empowers you to create the perfect mood, from warm and cozy evenings to crisp and focused workspaces, all with the touch of a button.

Dynamic Color Options: Transform your space with a rich spectrum of dynamic colors. Choose from a variety of hues to suit different occasions, whether it's a vibrant party atmosphere or a calming setting for relaxation.

Energy-Efficient Illumination: Experience the perfect balance of brightness and energy efficiency. The MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 provides optimal illumination while reducing energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and eco-friendly lighting.

Wireless Convenience: Embrace the wireless era with the Bulb 3.0. Connect effortlessly to your Wi-Fi network, granting you the freedom to control and adjust your lighting settings from anywhere using dedicated mobile apps.

Dimmable Brilliance: Fine-tune your lighting to suit every occasion with dimmable brightness. From creating a warm, intimate atmosphere to ensuring focused task lighting, the Bulb 3.0 adapts to your preferences effortlessly.

Long-Lasting LED Technology: Benefit from the longevity and durability of LED technology. The Bulb 3.0 is designed for a prolonged lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing a reliable lighting solution.

Quick and Easy Installation: Experience a hassle-free setup with the MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0. Simply replace your existing bulb, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and enjoy the benefits of smart and customizable lighting within minutes.

Versatile Automation: Simplify your routine with versatile automation features. Set timers, create lighting scenes, and automate your Bulb 3.0 to adapt to your daily activities, enhancing both convenience and energy efficiency.

Circadian Rhythm Support: Prioritize your well-being with circadian rhythm support. The Bulb 3.0 intelligently adjusts color temperatures throughout the day, promoting a natural and healthy lighting cycle aligned with your body's internal clock.

Sleek and Modern Aesthetics: Elevate your space with the sleek and modern design of the Bulb 3.0. Its contemporary look seamlessly integrates into any decor, combining functionality with stylish aesthetics.

Trusted MITO LIGHT Quality: Backed by the reputable MITO LIGHT brand, the Bulb 3.0 is crafted with precision and quality. Invest in a lighting solution that not only transforms your space but also guarantees reliability and satisfaction for years to come.

The high-power MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 is the smallest member of our generation MITO LIGHT 3.0. It uses a new light spectrum that consists of a total of four wavelengths. It has 18 powerful LEDs that provide high irradiance. The improved construction, elegant design, and compact size make it the perfect tool for effective local light therapy - painful joints, overstretched tendons, strained muscles, and much more.


It has a total number of 18 high-power LEDs, which have four wavelengths - 660, 670, 830, and 850 nm. Bulb 3.0, therefore, has the same unique technology as our generation 3.0 panels.

Energy-Efficient Illumination: MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 provides bright, energy-efficient lighting, ensuring a well-lit space while keeping energy costs at a minimum.

Versatile Lighting Options: Customize your ambiance with adjustable brightness and a range of color temperatures. From warm hues to cool tones, achieve the perfect lighting for any mood or occasion.

Long-Lasting Performance: Designed for durability, the MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 offers a prolonged lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing reliable illumination over an extended period.

Easy Installation: Effortlessly upgrade your lighting setup. The MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 seamlessly fits into standard light sockets, offering a hassle-free installation process.

Sleek and Timeless Design: Enhance your living spaces with the modern and timeless design of the MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0. Its aesthetic appeal complements any interior style, from contemporary to classic.

Smart Integration: While not equipped with the latest smart features, MITO LIGHT Bulb 3.0 ensures a seamless integration into your existing lighting setup, offering efficiency without unnecessary complexities.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Power: 54 W
Irradiance (Solarmeter): 115 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance
Irradiance (Spectrometer): 65 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance
LED Count: 18 x 3 W
Wavelengths: 660, 670, 830, 850 nm (4x, 5x, 4x, 5x)
Lens Beam Angle: 30 degrees
Power Consumption: 17,5 W
Average Cost of Consumption per hour: 0,003 EUR
Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 12,1 x 12,1 x 12 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 380 g
Materials: Metal, Plastic
Certification: CE, RoHS
LED Lifespan: Up to 50 000 hours
Warranty: 3 years

Delivery & Returns:

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