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Introducing the MITO LIGHT 3.0, a wellness companion designed to elevate your health and vitality to new heights. This cutting-edge device harnesses the power of advanced light therapy to optimize cellular function, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

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Circadian Rhythm Optimization: MITO LIGHT 3.0 is meticulously designed to optimize your circadian rhythm. Experience lighting that adapts to the natural progression of your day, promoting better sleep quality and increased alertness when needed.

Adaptive Color Temperature: Enjoy dynamic lighting with adaptive color temperatures. The 3.0 adjusts throughout the day, providing energizing cool tones in the morning and transitioning to warm and soothing hues in the evening.

Enhanced Sleep Quality: Create a sleep-friendly environment with the 3.0's evening mode. The warm tones promote relaxation, signaling to your body that it's time to wind down and prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Customizable Brightness Levels: Tailor your lighting to your activities with customizable brightness levels. Whether you need focused illumination for work or a softer ambiance for relaxation, the 3.0 provides the perfect lighting intensity.

Intelligent Lighting Scenes: Elevate your space with intelligent lighting scenes. The 3.0 allows you to save and recall your favorite lighting setups, ensuring the perfect ambiance for different activities with a simple touch.

Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly integrate the 3.0 into your smart home ecosystem. Enjoy hands-free control with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, and manage your lighting settings effortlessly using dedicated mobile apps.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology: The 3.0 utilizes energy-efficient LED technology, providing bright and vibrant lighting while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy cost savings on your electricity bills without compromising on illumination quality.

Biofeedback Synergy: Connect the 3.0 to biofeedback devices for a holistic well-being experience. Sync your lighting with biofeedback data to create an optimized environment based on real-time insights into your body's responses.

Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy the freedom of wireless control. The 3.0 seamlessly connects to your Wi-Fi network, offering a clutter-free and convenient lighting solution without the constraints of wired setups.

Easy Installation and Setup: Experience hassle-free installation and setup with the 3.0. The user-friendly design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of advanced lighting technology with minimal effort.

Sleek and Modern Design: Elevate your interior aesthetics with the sleek and modern design of the 3.0. Its contemporary look seamlessly integrates into any space, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for various settings, from home offices and bedrooms to living spaces. Biohacker 3.0 adapts to your lifestyle, providing optimal lighting conditions for work, relaxation, and everything in between.

Trusted MITO LIGHT Quality: Backed by the reputable MITO LIGHT brand, the 3.0 is crafted with precision and quality. Invest in a lighting solution that not only transforms your space but also prioritizes your well-being for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

A great tool for real enthusiasts. Almost one meter high, the 3.0 can illuminate a large part of your body at once with high irradiation power. A timer function, improved LED technology, a light spectrum with four wavelengths, strong irradiation even from a longer distance, a luxury design, and a high number of LEDs make it a perfect panel. The ideal choice for the more demanding users or active athletes.


It has a total number of 204 high-power dual-chip LEDs of synergistic red and near-infrared light, which have four types of wavelengths - 660, 670, 830, 850 nm!

Advanced Light Therapy: The MITO LIGHT 3.0 utilizes carefully calibrated wavelengths of LED light to stimulate cellular activity at the mitochondrial level. Experience a boost in energy, improved cognitive function, and accelerated recovery through this innovative technology.

Compact and Portable: Designed for convenience, the 3.0 is compact and portable, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your daily routine. Whether at home or on the go, prioritize your well-being effortlessly.

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with the user-friendly interface. Easily customize your light therapy sessions, adjust settings, and track your progress with simplicity, making wellness enhancement accessible to all.

Versatile Application: Address various health concerns with the versatile application of multi-spectrum light therapy. From promoting skin rejuvenation to reducing inflammation and supporting muscle recovery, the 3.0 offers a comprehensive approach to overall health.

Intelligent Timer and Intensity Controls: Tailor your wellness routine with intelligent timer and intensity controls. Personalize your sessions based on your schedule and preferences, ensuring a customized approach to achieving your health and performance goals.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Power: 1020 W
Irradiance (Solarmeter): 145 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance
Irradiance (Spectrometer): 82 mW/cm2 at 15 cm distance
LED Count: 204 x 5 W
Wavelengths: 660, 670, 830, 850 nm (1:1:1:1)
Lens Beam Angle: 30 degrees
EMF: Very low, close to zero values
Power Consumption: 344 W
Average Cost of Consumption per hour: 0,063 EUR
Input Voltage: AC 100-277 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 92 x 25 x 6,5 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: 9,1 kg
Materials: Metal, Plastic
Certification: CE, RoHS
LED Lifespan: Up to 50 000 hours
Warranty: 3 years

Delivery & Returns:

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