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MedicAir Pro Mini - Air Purifier For Sports & Home

MedicAir Pro Mini - Air Purifier For Sports & Home

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More than Marginal Gains to Help you Succeed...Better air quality increase performance by over 6%

Studies show that better air quality can significantly improve your athletic performance by increasing oxygen levels and reducing the number of pollutants inhaled in your system.

All MedicAir HEPA air purifiers filter out pollutants and reduce the risk of respiratory illness from airborne viruses and bacteria.

When you rely on your body to function at its best, airborne viruses and bacteria can greatly impact your performance. That's why MedicAir is already used by Crystal Palace, Northampton Saints, USA Rugby and many more forward-thinking clubs.

Ideal for changing rooms

  • Up to 3 people
  • Lightweight
  • 5.6kg
  • HEPA Filter
  • H14

Key Benefits

Achieve the marginal gains you need to succeed
Used by USA Rugby, MedicAir provide athletes with a competitive advantage by improving air quality in their training and recovery environments. Our technology has been shown to improve productivity by up to 6%, helping athletes achieve the marginal gains that can make all the difference in elite sports.

Helping the fit and healthy stay fit and healthy
Proudly working with Crystal Palace, USA Rugby, Northampton Saints, Bristol Rovers, and many more. MedicAir air purifiers reduce the risk of athletes getting respiratory infections and ensuring they breath easier for longer, all of which contribute to a 6% increase in productivity on the field.

Breathing Success: Boosting Performance at Crystal Palace F.C.
MedicAir’s state-of-the-art air purifiers have become an integral part of Crystal Palace Football Club’s changing rooms, enhancing performance and promoting the well-being of athletes. By effectively removing airborne pollutants, allergens, and viruses, our air purifiers create a cleaner and healthier environment for the players. This improved indoor air quality contributes to better respiratory health, reduced risk of allergies, and ultimately aids in optimizing the players’ performance on the field.

Healthier Athletes, Thriving Stadium: MedicAir at Northampton Saints Rugby
MedicAir’s high-performance air purifiers have become integral to the changing rooms and stadium facilities of the Northampton Saints rugby team, enhancing performance, improving athlete well-being, and elevating the overall stadium experience. By effectively removing airborne pollutants, allergens, and viruses, our air purifiers create a clean and healthy environment for the players, enabling them to perform at their best. 

Powering Performance and Health at USA Rugby 7s
MedicAir’s cutting-edge air purifiers have become an essential component of the USA Rugby 7s club’s changing rooms, playing a vital role in enhancing performance and optimizing the athletes’ health. By efficiently eliminating airborne pollutants, allergens, and viruses, our air purifiers create a clean and healthy environment for the players. This improved indoor air quality not only promotes better respiratory health but also reduces the risk of allergies and respiratory-related issues, enabling the athletes to perform at their peak.

Additional Benefits

Monitor air quality the smart way with the MedicAir app

Catch your breath, digitally: With the MedicAir app, you can track and record the quality of air that you breathe at all times.

Control your breathing: The app allows you to identify problem areas and make air quality adjustments using your MedicAir smart air purifier.


MedicAir filters the bad stuff out...

Pet dander: 5-10 microns

The microscopic flecks of dead skin and hair that an animal sheds is known as dander and can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Mould spores: 2-100 microns

Moulds rapidly spread by producing large numbers of microscopic spores that float on air currents and which can cause respiratory irritation.

Dust particles: 2.5-10 microns

Dust contains a number of tiny particles which can cause irritation and allergic reactions, such as pollen, smoke, bacteria, ash and dead skin.

 Bacteria: 1-3 microns









 These single-cell organisms can survive on non-living surfaces and can quickly multiply, sometimes causing serious infection and disease.




  • Airflow at max. settings: 400m³/h
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Speed levels: 6
  • Lowest Sound Level: 35dB
  • HEPA Filter: H14
  • Oscillation: 360°
  • Portable - 510x250mm
  • Quiet - 31dB-55dB
  • Effective - CADR 400m3/h
  • Sterilization rate up to 99.99%


  • Pre-filter & Anti-bacterial Filter
  • ATP-HEPA H14 filter
  • High-efficiency Nano Hybrid
  • Activated Carbon layer
  • UV-C Reaction Chamber


  • Laser particulate (0.1-0.3um)
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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