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Icetubs IceBath with Chiller

Icetubs IceBath with Chiller

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Step into a world of effortless cold therapy with the Icetubs IceBath. Made with sleek stainless steel and beautiful thermowood, it's simple and stylish. Designed to relax, just like your bath at home, but with ice-cold 3˚ water, whenever you are ready. Give yourself over to the cold and transform your life. Go all in.


  • IceBath 
  • Cooling Unit / Chiller
  • With Local control and app for easy set up (step by step instructions)
  • Free doorstep delivery
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free 3 month filterset included


Effortless Cold Therapy: Forget the hassle of ice. Icetubs provide a smooth, ready-to-use experience without the need for manual ice handling

Instant Benefits: Jump into your IceBath anytime, no wait or prep needed. It's always set for your rejuvenation.

Reliable Chill: Consistently cold, our Icedtub IceBaths deliver the precise cold therapy you need, every time.

Smart Savings: An Icedtub IceBath is a wise investment, saving you money on ice over time and offering lasting cold therapy benefits.

Why Choose an IceBath?

  • Precise temperature, perfect therapy: Enjoy the ideal cold therapy experience with the IceBaths precise temperature control, ranging from 3-15°C.
  • Built to endure: The IceBath, made with top-grade stainless steel and thermowood, is designed to resist corrosion and rot, ensuring longevity.
  • Eco-friendly: Its use of sustainable materials reflects your commitment to the environment while enjoying the benefits of cold therapy.
  • Low maintenance, high clarity: The advanced filtration system keeps the water crystal clear for up to twomonths, significantly reducing your maintenance efforts.
  • Ease at your fingertips: Manage your IceBath effortlessly with a user-friendly smartphone app.
  • Comfort in every plunge: The spacious design of the Bath caters to all body types, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing cold therapy experience every time.
  • Dutch craftsmanship: Limited production capacity ensures that each Bath is a unique, handcrafted piece, reflecting the pinnacle of design and engineering.

Icetubs Icebath with chiller


  • Dimensions 64cm H X 219cm W (Chiller 53cm H)
  • Includes a high-quality cooling unit with local control and an app for easy setup and sustainable water use.
  • Capacity: 400L
  • Icetub: 70kg
  • Cooling System: 30kg
  • Insert: Durable stainless steel with corrosion resistance.
  • Frame: Stable thermowood frame with rot resistance.

Optional Extras

  • Cooling Engine Protector: £426 (A stainless steel step covered in Thermowood for year-round protection)
  • Thermo Cover: £426 (Insulated cover suitable for the IceBarrel)
  • Filter set 3 months / 12 months: £90/£258 (Automated purification and filter system, recommend for monthly replacement depending on usage and water quality)

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Delivery, Returns & Warranty

Your Icetub, delivered globally from Lithuania, arrives on a pallet right to your curb. It's door-friendly and plug-and-play ready. Shipping is included in the price.

Your Icetub typically has a delivery time of 8 weeks.

We are committed to ensuring you have a seamless experience with our products. Our warranty conditions are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of every Icetub. Dive into the details below to understand how we've got you covered. We follow Icetubs Warranty, read here

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