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H2O Chillax Ice Bath & Cool Tub

H2O Chillax Ice Bath & Cool Tub

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Experience Cold Water Immersion Therapy At Its Finest With The H2O Chillax Ice Bath & Cool Tub

✔️FREE Delivery (Worth £450!)
✔️FREE Professional Installation (Worth £149.99!)
✔️2-Year Warranty 
✔️Designed For UK Homes
✔️Energy Efficient
✔️10+ Years Experience
✔️Top-Notch Customer Service
✔️Ready For Immediate Delivery

An Affordable Ice Bath & Cool Tub That Doesn’t Compromise On Quality

✔️Balboa (USA) Mini Chiller
✔️Chilled Down To 5°C
✔️13A Plug & Play
✔️Built-In Filtration System
✔️High Density Insulated Shell
✔️Full 70mm Insulated Cover
✔️Heat Lock Insulated Cabinet
✔️Underwater LED Light
✔️300L Water Capacity
✔️138kg Dry Weight

    Why Choose The Chillax Ice Bath

    A plunge pool and ice tub all in one. Water that's as cold as ice. Without the ice.

    Experience cold water immersion therapy at its finest with this affordable ice bath and cool tub. Cooled water, down to just 5°C whenever you need it—no ice required.

    It's perfect for:

    ✔️Reducing inflammation
    ✔️Improving your mental health
    ✔️Boosting your immune system
    ✔️Getting a better night's sleep

    For years, athletes and wellness enthusiasts have harnessed the power of cold water therapy. Now, you can enjoy its benefits too—perfect for post-workout recovery, reducing pain and inflammation. Plus, cold water exposure can boost dopamine levels by up to 250%, leaving you feeling fantastic.

    Dive into Chillax, this best ice bath is designed for the ultimate cold water plunge experience. Running effortlessly from a standard 13A socket, this low-maintenance pool features a comfortable seat for one. Whether you choose to sink into relaxation or let out a refreshing scream, Chillax is your perfect cold water retreat.

    Powered By The American-Made Balboa Clim8Zone II

    Immerse yourself in a superior ice tub and cold plunge pool with complete confidence. The Chillax by H2O guarantees top-notch quality, powered by the American-made Balboa Clim8Zone II—crafted by the world’s leading spa electronics and control experts. Enjoy unmatched reliability and quiet operation, ensuring a relaxing experience every time.

    From Ice Bath To Luxurious Hot Tub: The Ultimate Dual-Use Spa

    The Clim8Zone II heats water, too... so your therapeutic ice bath can also be turned into a relaxation hot tub! 

    Enjoy nighttime relaxation with underwater LED lighting. Convenient steps and consistent temperatures ensure the perfect plunge every time, thanks to its insulated HeatLock skirting and 70mm insulated lid.

    Order Now

    Ready to elevate your relaxation and recovery? Order your Chillax Ice Bath & Plunge Pool today to enjoy icy refreshments and warm comfort. Don’t miss out—order now and transform your wellness routine!


    5 Ways Cold Water Therapy Will Change Your Life

    Get ready to elevate your wellness routine with the Chillax Ice Bath, the premier cold water plunge pool designed to transform your experience. Loved by customers across the UK, Chillax isn’t just a dip—it’s a journey to rejuvenation and vitality.

    Discover the top 5 benefits of cold water immersion with Chillax!

    Accelerated Muscle Recovery

    Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or managing everyday strains, Chillax is your go-to solution. This icy sanctuary reduces muscle inflammation and soreness rapidly, providing the ultimate cooldown post-workout.

    Enhanced Immunity Support

    Tired of falling ill? Bid farewell to sniffles! Cold water therapy strengthens your immune system. Each Chillax session equips your body to fend off viruses, ensuring prolonged wellness and vitality.

    Improved Circulation

    Prepare for an exhilarating rush! Cold water immersion stimulates blood flow, delivering an invigorating energy boost. With Chillax, you'll experience heightened vitality and say goodbye to sluggishness.

    Stress Relief At Your Fingertips

    Picture yourself lounging in the comfortable Chillax, enveloped by soothing cool waters. The stress and tension of the day dissolve, leaving you in a state of tranquility. Cold water therapy is a potent stress reliever, helping you unwind and conquer the day with a clear mind.

    Quality Sleep, Restful Nights

    Struggling with insomnia? Chillax regulates your body temperature, promoting deep, restorative sleep. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and wake up refreshed, ready to seize the day.

    Experience Chillax: Your Gateway To Wellness

    Join the Chillax revolution and revolutionize your self-care routine. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of cold water therapy and discover a new level of vitality.


      Dimensions: 1780*840*950mm

      Water Capacity: 300 litres

      Weight: 138kg dry

      Jet Pump: 1*2HPLX 2 speed

      Heater: 2Kw

      Structural Frame: Aluminium

      Control System: P25B85

      Lighting: LED lighting

      Bluetooth: No

      Heat Pump Ready: No

      Insulation: Yes

      NOTE: H2O Spa Ltd may make product modifications and enhancements at any time throughout the product's lifespan. The hot tubs will often evolve, with changes to specifications without notice. This may include switching between Gecko and Balboa control systems to meet sales demands. Spa volume is based on average fill. Weight and water capacity vary depending on number of persons in the spa. Dimensions, capacities, and weights are all approximate. HP (horsepower) is a maximum value measured by the motor manufacturer with no pump installed.


      ✔️Optional extras to add to your order:
           👉£349 1-Year Servicing - Add HERE
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      ❌Crane service not included but we can help to source.

      Delivery & Warranty

      Delivery Information for H20 Tubs HERE 👉 DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL

      2-Year Parts Warranty 

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