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H20 Spas

H20 7000 Series 7-Seater Flagship Model (Twin-Pump) 32A Plug & Play Hot Tub

H20 7000 Series 7-Seater Flagship Model (Twin-Pump) 32A Plug & Play Hot Tub

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The Biggest & Best Hot Tub In The H2O Plug & Play Hot Tub Series

✔️FREE Delivery (Worth £450!)
✔️FREE Professional Installation (Worth £149.99!)
✔️FREE Insulated Cover (Worth £355!)
FREE Non-Slip Steps (Worth £70!)
✔️2-Year Warranty
✔️Designed For UK Homes
✔️Gecko Control System
✔️64 Hydrotherapy Jets
✔️10 Air Blower Jets
✔️LED Cup Holders
✔️LED Mood Lighting
✔️Phantom Wireless Audio & Subwoofer
✔️32A Plug & Play
✔️Dedicated Circulation Pump
✔️ECO HeatBank™ Insulation
✔️Durable Aluminium Frame
✔️Lucite Acrylic Shell
✔️Up To 75% Lower Running Costs
✔️10+ Years Experience
✔️Top-Notch Customer Service
✔️Ready For Immediate Delivery
✔️No Need For Electrical Modifications

NOTE: Due to fluctuations in stock levels, some colours may be temporarily unavailable. Please refer to the colour selection drop-down field above the 'Add to Cart' button to see if your choice is currently available. Contact us to check when your colour of choice will be back in stock.

Why Choose The 7000 Series Hot Tub

Welcome to the pinnacle of luxury with the biggest and best hot tub in the H2O series. The H2O 7000 Series 7-Seater Hot Tub isn't just an outdoor hot tub—it's a revolution in relaxation and technology. Featuring the first self-sanitising system in H2O’s range, this massive family spa promises unparalleled convenience and cleanliness.

Advanced Self-Sanitising System

Say goodbye to constant maintenance with the in-clear system by industry leader Gecko. Utilising sodium bromine added when you fill this outdoor hot tub, this system keeps your water pristine for up to three months without needing additional bromine. Simply monitor and adjust the pH levels, and enjoy a hassle-free spa experience.


H2O’s new HeatBank insulation system minimises heat loss through the cabinet and floor, ensuring low running costs and eco-friendly operation. The latest North American Gecko pumps, 20% more efficient than standard premium pumps, further reduce energy consumption, making this energy-efficient hot tub both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Cutting-Edge Entertainment & Technology

Operate your spa effortlessly with the Gecko K1000 touchscreen panel, which is as intuitive as using your smartphone. Create a relaxing and fun atmosphere with our LED lighting system, featuring a mesmerising color-phasing LED waterfall that looks stunning, especially at night.

Pair your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music or podcasts through the internal speakers. The all-new Phantom Audio System delivers exceptional sound quality, turning your relaxation hot tub into a true entertainment hub.

Spacious & Comfortable

With seating for up to 7 people, this comfortable hot tub has room for everyone. Its diverse seating and jet configurations provide the ultimate massage experience, including two captain's chairs with calf jets for a soothing lower-leg massage.

Order Now

Transform your backyard into a luxurious retreat with the H2O 7000 Series 7-Seater Hot Tub. Ready to dive into ultimate relaxation? Order now and experience the best in family-friendly luxury.

Key Features

✔️Comfort Captains Chair
The 7000 series is the first all-seater twin pump spa by H2O. Four large ergonomic seats are designed to give each user a unique massage from top to toe.

✔️Gecko Touch Screen Controls
As with all H2O models, the 7000 Series comes with the award-winning Gecko Controls system, meaning this advanced hot tub is extremely easy to use, even for a hot tub novice! With leading-edge design and state-of-the-art build quality, the Gecko system should last a lifetime, and the panel utilises a patented Piezo electronic switch that eliminates moisture in harsh environments, offering reliability that is second to none.

✔️Powerful Hydromassage
This relaxation hot tub incorporates great hydrotherapy jets for an all-absorbing massage for the whole body. Various jet layouts for upper and lower back massage, neck and shoulder massage jets, leg massage jets, and foot massage jets combine into one comprehensive massage system.

✔️Air Blower System
The air blower system is an additional feature to the higher-end spas, the air blower jets are usually positioned under the body as air rises. These jets are located in the lower back, and rear of the legs. The blower adds oxygen to the water giving a refreshing uplifting feeling. Especially used on a hot summer day. Oxygen is good for the skin and having this feature aids in keeping your skin looking rich and healthy.

✔️Phantom Bluetooth Audio
This modern hot tub features the latest Phantom WiFi Audio System with a subwoofer. The speakers directly connected to the hot tub's shell, turning the shell into a large speaker. You may not be able to see them from outside but the quality of this speaker system will blow you away. Simply connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and start the magic.

✔️LED Mood Light
This LED lighting hot tub is installed with the latest LED mood lighting, no matter what your mood there is a setting for it. With up to 10 different sequences from strobe to fade, you will love the flexibility of this feature.

The family hot tub is installed with the latest mood-changing waterfall. This runs off the LED mood lighting giving your garden an amazing feature at night. Waterfalls are designed to help you relax, Research shows that running water whilst relaxing helps to aid this process. So sit back and enjoy the beautiful sound of the 7000 series features.

✔️LED Cup Holders
Take full advantage of the new LED cup holders, we advise you to use transparent plastic glasses. Place one on the cup holder and watch your favourite drink light up and come to life. Making your time in the hot tub more of a party-like experience

✔️Clear Water System
This outdoor home hot tub is equipped with a state-of-the-art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system. Better filtration means more joy and a longer product life.

✔️Built To Last
Most spas are installed outside. British weather is not always favourable to hot tubs. This durable hot tub features our latest Aluminium frame and a wood composite cabinet which is weather-tight and maintenance-free, providing your spa with a new look all year round.

✔️Heatbank™ Insulation
Insulation with HeatBank™ high-density panels creates a thermal barrier to the environment. This revolutionary insulation reduces the thermal losses to the sides of your spa significantly.

✔️Gecko Inside
Both the circulation and Jet pumps are Aqua-Flo by Gecko. Gecko pumps provide greater water flow rates more efficiently which translates, for spa owners, into increased benefits and reduced operating costs.


Seating Capacity: 7 persons

Dimensions: 2500*2300*900mm

Weight: 450kg (dry) | 2500kg (filled)

Water Capacity: 1700 litres

HydroMassage Jets: 69

Jets: 11 x 5" Jets | 6 x 3" Jets | 52 x 2" Jets

Air Jets: 12

Jet Pumps: 2 x 3 HP

Air Valves: 3, with LED lighting

Filter System: 100 sq. ft./9.3 m² effective filtration area

Heater: 3Kw

Pillows: 3

Maximal Current Draw: 32 Amp

Ozone System: Yes

Control System: Gecko | Gecko k1000

Bluetooth: Yes

Heat Pump Ready: Yes

Lighting: LED underwater light | LED waterfall lights | LED waterline lights | LED cup holders

Structural Frame: Aluminium

Skirting: Durable transfer printed all-round

Shell Insulation: High-density foam

Base: HeatBank™ insulated sandwich PVC

Cabinet Insulation: HeatBank™

Cover Insulation: 100mm

NOTE: H2O Spa Ltd may make product modifications and enhancements at any time throughout the product's lifespan. Our hot tubs will often evolve over time, with changes to specifications without notice. This may include switching between Gecko and Balboa control systems to meet sales demands. Spa volume is based on average fill. Weight and water capacity vary depending on the number of persons in the spa. Dimensions, capacities, and weights are all approximate. HP (horsepower) is a maximum value measured by the motor manufacturer with no pump installed.


✔️Optional extras to add to your order:
     👉£349 1-Year Servicing - Add HERE
     👉£648 2-Year Servicing - Add HERE

❌Crane service not included but we can help to source.

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery Information for H20 Tubs HERE 👉 DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL

2-Year Parts Warranty

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