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Fonteyn Barrel Sauna Rustic Red Cedar 4ft - 7ft

Fonteyn Barrel Sauna Rustic Red Cedar 4ft - 7ft

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Our truly unique Barrel sauna stands freely indoors or out. The front and back ends are completely pre-assembled and the door is pre-hung using self-closing hinges. The Barrel sauna can be assembled from start to finish in just a few hours. The Barrel sauna is made from Western Red Cedar. What makes a cedar sauna stand out is the ambience and the smell of Western red Cedar that can only come from a natural wooden sauna.


  • 2 persons, 120 x 185 x 200 cm, 4ft
  • 4 persons, 185 x 185 x 200 cm, 6 ft.
  • 6 persons, 245 x 185 x 200 cm, 8 ft.
  • Including Heater and rocks


  • 5-6 persons 245 x 185 x 200 cm 7+1 ft
  • Including 30 cm Canopy
  • Including Heater and rocks


  • Sauna Type: Finnish Barrel Sauna
  • Suitable for: In- and Outdoor
  • Stove Type: Optional
  • Wood Type: Rustic Western Red Cedar
  • Wiring: Must be hard-wired
  • Lighting: Inside
  • Colour therapy: No
  • Radio: No
  • Connection MP3: No
  • Speakers: No
  • Temperature: Maximum 90-120 degrees
  • Ventilation: Yes
  • Delivery Period: 2 Weeks
  • Brand: Fonteyn

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Installation includes setting up and fitting the sauna and building the shingle roof for weatherproofing.

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