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MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse

MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse

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Introducing the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse, a revolutionary sleep aid designed to enhance your nighttime experience. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this sleep mask combines the comfort of a luxurious fabric with the power of red light therapy.
Immerse yourself in a cocoon of relaxation as the Eclipse emits a gentle, soothing red light, promoting a natural and restful sleep. The adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit, while the contoured design blocks out ambient light for a truly immersive experience.
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Smart Light Therapy: Revolutionize your sleep routine with the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse. Featuring smart light therapy, this innovative sleep mask helps regulate your circadian rhythm, promoting a natural and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Adjustable Ambient Lighting: Tailor your sleep environment with adjustable ambient lighting. The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse offers customizable brightness and color settings, allowing you to create the perfect soothing atmosphere for a tranquil night's rest.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: Experience unparalleled comfort with the ergonomic design of the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse. Crafted with soft, breathable materials, this sleep mask contours to your face, ensuring a snug fit that enhances your overall sleeping experience.

Wireless Connectivity: Stay in control without any hassle. The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse connects wirelessly to your smartphone, offering convenient and intuitive control over your ambient lighting settings. Adjust your sleep environment effortlessly without disturbing your peaceful repose.

Promotes Melatonin Production: Say goodbye to sleepless nights. The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse is designed to stimulate melatonin production naturally, promoting a deeper and more restful sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Portable and Travel-Friendly: Take the tranquility wherever you go. The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse is compact and portable, making it an ideal companion for travel. Enjoy restful sleep on long flights, in hotel rooms, or wherever your journey takes you.

Long Battery Life: Sleep worry-free with the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse. Its long-lasting battery ensures that your sleep mask stays illuminated throughout the night, providing continuous comfort without interruptions.

Perfect for Shift Workers and Jetsetters: Ideal for those with irregular schedules or frequent travelers, the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse helps reset your internal clock, aiding in quicker adjustments to different time zones and promoting better sleep quality.

Soothing Sleep Sounds: Enhance your sleep sanctuary with soothing sounds. The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse features built-in audio options, allowing you to enjoy calming sounds that complement your serene sleep environment.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Unwind with the MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse, which promotes relaxation and stress reduction through its ambient lighting and therapeutic features. Transform your bedtime routine into a tranquil ritual for optimal well-being.


Are you annoyed by the street lights outside your window or the LEDs in the room where you sleep? Don't have curtains and complete darkness is a luxury you can't afford? Add our sleeping mask to your shopping cart! It is perfect for anyone who suffers from poor sleep. We also recommend this mask for those who travel a lot and want to enjoy a good night's sleep on the train, bus or plane.

. Enhanced Sleep Quality: The MITO LIGHT Sleep Mask Eclipse utilizes red light therapy to promote a natural and restful sleep, helping you achieve a deeper and more rejuvenating rest.

. Circadian Rhythm Regulation: The carefully calibrated wavelength range of the red light assists in aligning your circadian rhythm, promoting a healthier sleep-wake cycle and contributing to overall well-being.

. Immersion in Darkness: The contoured design of the mask effectively blocks out ambient light, creating a dark and tranquil environment conducive to quality sleep, regardless of external surroundings.

. Adjustable Comfort: The mask features an adjustable strap for a personalized and secure fit, ensuring comfort for various head sizes and preventing any discomfort during sleep.

. Portable Convenience: With its lightweight and foldable design, the Sleep Mask Eclipse is an ideal travel companion, allowing you to carry the benefits of red light therapy wherever you go.


. Light Source: Integrated red light therapy LEDs designed to emit a soothing wavelength for sleep enhancement.
. Material: Premium, breathable fabric for maximum comfort during extended wear.
. Adjustable Strap: Customizable strap for a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating various head sizes.
. Contoured Design: Ensures a snug fit to block out ambient light and create a truly immersive sleep environment.
. Portable Design: Lightweight and foldable, making it travel-friendly and suitable for use anywhere.
. User Safety Features: Built-in safeguards to prevent overheating and ensure a safe sleep therapy experience.
. Dimensions: Ergonomically designed to cover the eyes and surrounding areas effectively.
. Weight: Light weight for comfortable, extended use without causing discomfort.
. Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain for hygiene and long-lasting use.

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