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Freein Ice Bath Chiller 1.5HP

Freein Ice Bath Chiller 1.5HP

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The Freein Ice Bath Chiller is designed for ice bath enthusiasts and professional athletes to maximize the benefits of cold water therapy. It can quickly cool down to 3°C (37°F) and keeps the water pristine and at optimal chilled for a long time. It supports remote control via mobile phone, enabling you to promptly immerse yourself in a refreshing ice bath upon arriving home. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Freein Ice Bath Chiller performs at its absolute best in all conditions.

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  • Ice Bath Chiller 1.5 HP
  • 1 x Ice Bath Chiller 
  • 4 x Caster
  • 1 x Filter Wrench
  • 2 x Hose
  • 4 x Buckle
  • 2 x Pagoda Connector
  • 1 x User Manual


The Freein Ice Bath Tub flaunts an excellent ice bath professional chiller -- the Freein Ice Bath Chiller (optional extra). It cools water to a refreshing 8°C (46°F) without adding ice. Keep your water quality flawless with filters and ozone water treatment.

The Freein Ice Bath Chiller is very easy to use. First, connect the water inlet and outlet hoses to the ice bath and the chiller, turn on the chiller, set the temperature, and the chiller will start cooling and filtering the water until it cools to the temperature you set.

When you're exercising at the gym or outdoors and wish you could come home to an ice bath right away, you can turn on the chiller remotely via the mobile app. You can also remotely set the temperature, view the current water temperature, or set it to turn on automatically at a certain time.


  • Suitable Water Volume:350-550L
  • Specification:1.5HP
  • Voltage:110V/60Hz
  • UV ozone sterilizer:Built in
  • Filter:External (easy to change filter element)
  • Water pump:Built in
  • Wireless control:WiFi support
  • Temperature range:2-40°C
  • Advised temperature range:5-10°C
  • Refrigerating power:3500W
  • Heating power:5000W
  • Input power:1085W
  • Input current:8.75A
  • Refrigerant:R410A
  • Pump power:80W
  • Pump lift:16m
  • Pump flow:2400L/H
  • Noise:≤68DB(A)
  • Recommended water flow:40-45L/min
  • Water proof class:IPX4

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Limited Warranty on Ice Bath Tub & Ice Bath Chiller

This limited warranty is provided by Freein to you in connection with your purchase of an Ice Bath Tub or Ice Bath Chiller. Our responsibility for defective goods is limited to repair, replacement, refund, or reasonable reimbursement for the engagement of a third party to repair or replace your product, subject to the terms described below in this warranty statement.

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